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Electrical Product Agents

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jeosonar 3D arabic

  • Global system of advanced technology to search and detect for gold, minerals and relics and burials under the ground, a device with high quality and universal, is one of the best agencies in the de...  Show more
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Laser Micrometer

  • We manufacture high accuracy on-line Laser Micrometers for non-contact diameter measurement and control. This non-contact measurement technique enables you to stabilize your extrusion process, redu...  Show more
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Tensile Strenght and Elongation Tester

  • USED ATDETERMİNATİON OF TENSİLE AND RUPTURE STRENGHT OF PLASTİCS , RUBBERS, WİRES AND ETC. Features: * Several of tensile strength (100, 500, 1000, 3000.5000 kg) * Speed adjustment * Tensile ...  Show more

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High Voltage Tester

  • Features: * Metal body * Time adjustment * 220 V AC supply voltage * KV AC 0-5 set (standard) * High voltage probe * Dimensions: 310x300x340 mm Used at electrical perforation endurance...  Show more

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AC Voltage Tester

  • Features: * 000-300 V AC, adjustable * Metal body * Digital indicator Can be done in various power * Dimensions: 325x410x310 mm Used at tests or areas where AC voltage is necessary.  Show more