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game machine, Ballon vendor

  • BLN001 - Ballon Vendor W/D/H : 77/85/182 cm Weight : 135 kgs Please insert coin. Press the button to choose the color you like. After filling in gas, pick the flying balloon. The gas fi...  Show more
Tags: Game Machine | Amusement Machine

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sports game, boxing power

  • SPR025 - Boxing Power W/D/H : 83/112/220 cm Weight : 165 kgs Great Boxing Game for Teenagers and Adults. If you have limited space, this small unit can bring you high income profit. If you ha...  Show more
Tags: Kiddie Rides | Video Game Machine

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kiddie rides, funny tank

  • KRI003 - Funny Tank W/D/H : 101/157/113 cm Weight : 170 kgs Powerfull vibration with joystick control. Fun and interactive  Show more

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kiddie rides, fairland

  • Crs002 - Fairland W/D/H : 140/140/185 cm Weight : 150 kgs The machine can swing on front , back location, it is entertaining , it is special design for 1-7 years old children to ride.  Show more