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Epoxidized Soy Bean Oil

  • Manufactured by Plastics Fourth Division, Nan Ya Plastics Corporation, Taiwan. Used as plasticiser for plastic manufacturing, especially PVC. Appearance: Clear; Color (APHA): < 200; Viscosit...  Show more
Tags: Esbo | Eso | Epoxidized Soybean Oil

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D.I.D.P. ( Di isodesyl Phthalate )

  • Product received from phthalic anhydride under reaction with isodecanol an esters; plastisicer. SPECIALITES Appearance : Clear, Colourless Liquid Odour : Slight, Typical  Show more
Tags: D.i.d.p. ( Di Isodesyl Phthalate )

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Dibutyl Phthalate

  • Di butyl Phthalate Ester Content: 99%min Aspect: Clear Liquid Colour: 30 Hazen Max Acid Valude: 0.1 mgKOH/g max Specifis Gravity: 1.043-1.047 gr/cm3 Refraction Index: 1.490-1.492 @ 20 Celcil...  Show more
Tags: Dbp | Dibutylphthalate | Di Butyl Phthalate

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DOM, dioctyl maleate, D.O.M.

  • DOM is the 2-ethylhexyl ester of maleic acid. This product may be considered for use as a plasticizer for vinyl resins and for applications involving co-polymerization with PVC and PVA and Rubber  Show more
Tags: Dioctylmaleate | Di Octyl Maleate | Dom