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Electric Water Heaters

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Electrical water heaters

  •   Gives constant water temperature in desired level.   18KW 12.7lt/min water capacity.   Can be connected under counter or over counter.   Esthetic surface LED ...  Show more
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Wall Hung Electric Boilers

  •   Wall Hung Electric Boiler     3 level pump and additional pump option 6 different security system 7 days, 21 program Anti blockage and freezing prevention system D...  Show more
Tags: Wall Hung Electric Boilers | Electric Heating System | Condensing Gas Boilers

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Heating Elements

  • Heating Elements, Water Heaters, Heaters, Washing Machine Heating Elements, Owen Heating Elements, Boiler Heating Elements, Defrost Heating Elements, Heating Elements, Water Heaters, Heaters, Washi...  Show more
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Domestic Water Heaters

  • Residence DomesticType Fixed Thermostat Electrical Water Heaters Wall hung 40-60-80-100-120 liters capacity range 60C fixed thermostat which has bimetal contactor Excess temperature protective  Show more
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Industrial Electrical Water Heaters

  • DSSY-X Commercial Type Electrical Water Heater With Electrical Control Panel Floor Standing Type 125 2000 Liters Capacity Range Gas Actuated Adjustable Thermostat in (30 75) °C Temperature...  Show more
Tags: Water Heater | Commercial Water Heaters | Micro Controller Water Heater

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  • Floor standing 54EWH series industrial type electric water heaters with high volume and high KW capacity provides domestic hot water with the help of its’ electric command panel. Electric com...  Show more
Tags: Industrial Water Heater

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  • fujiyama room heaters and wall hung gas boilers and wall mounted room heater. we are looking for distributor and agent. our products are have TSE, CE, and ISO9000 quality cert.  Show more
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Instant water heaters

  • ELECTRICAL INSTANT WATER HEATER Safety Systems In case the water outlet of the device gets clogged for any reason, the heater resistance of the device becomes out of service. The device is ...  Show more
Tags: Instant Water Heater | Tankless Water Heater

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  • Its Superior Quality IT HEAT WATER RAPIDLY AND VERY ECONOMICALYTurbo Star heat the water in a short time than similar devices and water cool in it two times later then others. Features: 5 cm thi...  Show more
Tags: Storage Type Electrical Water Heater