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Chemical Storage Equipment

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Storage Tanks

  • - Production of large-capacity steel tanks for storage of oil, oil products and other chemical mediums - Production, installation and repair of specified pressure equipment for chemical and power p...  Show more
Tags: Pressure Vessel | Storage Tank | Steel Tank

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Storage Tanks (Underground/Overground)

  • - 5000 lt to 60.000lt capacities - undergroundd and overground storage tanks - manufactured as EN12285-1 standarts - with or without gauges - for wasted oil or fuel   write to us for more ...  Show more
Tags: Storage Tank Storage Equipment

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Polyethylene Tanks Silos

  • DESCRIPTION Chemical materials preparation and strocking tanks Does not react with the chemical material it contains Provides zero discharge due to its conical specification Mixer air mixer are ins...  Show more
Tags: Polyethylene Tanks Silos Acid Tanks Containers Storage Chemical Mixer Conical