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Electrical Unit Heaters

  • Wall type Unit Heaters 1KW to 50 KW Industrial Unit Heaters Electrical Unit Heaters Explosion proof type Unit Heaters  Duct Type Unit Heaters  Indoor & Outdoor Unit Heater...  Show more
Tags: Pitsan Eta Industrial Unit Heaters

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doner grill machine

  • high ***** Has a lower engine (Rotates both ways) Complete assy is AISI 304L Cr-Ni anticorrosive A 12-radian heater 20-centimeter, 30- centimeter, and 40- centimeter diameter discs Energy eff...  Show more
Tags: Doner Grill Machine | Doner Machine | Doner Kebab Grill Machine

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Cartridge Heater

  • Plastik hammaddelerin işlenmesinde ve mamül hale getirilmesinde, ekstrüder makinelerinde, plastik ve ambalaj sanayinin birçok alanında, ayakkabı sanayinde kullanılmak üzere ta...  Show more
Tags: Cartridge Heater | Heater For Packing Machinery | Heater

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radiant tube heater

  • we have 7 models of radiant tube heaters.SR 30 (30 kw), SR 40 (40 kw), SR 50 (50 kw), SR 60 (70 kw), SRV 30 (30 kw), SRV 40 (40 kw), SRV 50 (50 kw).  Show more
Tags: Radiant Tube | Black Heater

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Plastic Butt Welding Machine (90-315 Dia)

  • For Ø90 mm - Ø315 mm pipes (90-110-125-140-160-180-200-225-250-280-315mm) PE / PVDF pipes could be welded.PP pipe welding is optional. 220V-3, 5kW heater, 380V-750W trimmer, 3...  Show more
Tags: Plastic | Butt | Welding

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OZM 85 LS Universal LDPE, PP, BOPP bag cutting machine

  • Capacity 200 pcs. / minute max. Main motor 1.5 Kw Servo motor 4.8 Kw Conveyor motor 0.37 Kw Bobbin warp motor 0, 75 Kw Edge control motor ...  Show more
Tags: Ldpe | Pp | Bopp Bag Cutting Machine

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OZM 110 BLS Universal bag cutting machines in blocks

  • Capacity 150 pcs. / minute max. Main motor 1, 5 Kw Servo motor 1.8 Kw Conveyor motor 0, 25 Kw Bobbin warp motor 0, 75 Kw Edge control motor ...  Show more
Tags: Plastic Bag Cutting Machine | Bag Making Machine

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infrared heater system

  • Economic Infrared Heather Systems Minimum fuel consumption , easy installation , decorative design . Kindly contact us for detailed offer.  Show more
Tags: Infrared | System