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Lathe Machines

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  • Wintech lathes are of high quality and  sold in Turkey and other foreign countries in high range.We can supply all kind of laths from Wintech Company. Our company has a group of h...  Show more
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Lathe Machine

  •         Our company display activities on sale organizations for used machinery and complete lines, plants as Kalen A.Ş. We supply a marketplace both for sellers...  Show more
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jsl 32AB

  • Max.turning dia.of main spindle:32mm Max.turning dia of sub spindle:32mm Max.turning lengh:220mm No.of axis controls:9pcs Spindle speed range:200-7000rpm Rapid traverse X/Z:18M/min  Show more
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Otomat Torna Tezgahi

  • The 2-Axis series of CNC automatic lathe is gang type tools holder design which could save tool change time. 2-Axis series also can be used with servo motor live tool.  Show more
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jcl 42T

  • 8-position turret. The spindle accommodates a 6"3-jaw chuck or collet chuck. 20�slant bed structure facilitates chip disposal and easy workpiece access. Bar feeder show...  Show more
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jcl 60A

  • Max.swing over bed:510mm Max.turning diameter:320mm Max.turning lengh:500mm Spindle speed range:45~3500rpm Number of tool station:8  Show more
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CNC horizontal lathe

  • CNC Horisontal lathe can perform internal and external cylindrical turning, arbitrary taper turning, arc turning, facing and threading. They are suitable for various middle or small batch production.  Show more
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