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Other Material Making Machinery

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Aluminum Pipe Bending Machine

  •       Aluminium profiles and pipes bending. Two rolls are driven Standart rolls are 3 pieces. Working in horizontal and vertical Minimum bending diameter is 450 mm Upper ...  Show more
Tags: Pipe Bending Machine | Aluminum Pipe Bending | Tugra Makina Metal

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Block and Brick Machines

  • PLC intelligent control, control system equipped with complete logic control, production program, malfunction diagnosis system and remote control function. It doesnt need a professional pers...  Show more
Tags: Block Brick Machine

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Cnc Faom Cutting Machines

  • Cnc Faom Cutting Machines use for produce of EPS and Xps decorative and insullation pannel.This machines can produce interior and exterior decorative products.Coving Jam , Windows Frame , ceilling,  Show more
Tags: Cnc Foam Cutting Machines | Arbil | Iraq

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DCK26 Bar Bending Machine

  • We can provide you ; Bar bending, bar cutting machines and compressors manufactured in Turkey, directly from the manufacturer.  Show more
Tags: Bar Bending | Bar Cutting

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sand blasting machine for glass

  • glass sand blasting machine -glass -sand-glass machine sand blasting-glass-decorative glass-temped glass  Show more
Tags: Glass | Sand Blasting | Machine