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TRC 300 Double Twist

  • TRC 300 Double Twist       Wrapping materials are PVC, OPP, PP, and PET Films   Adjustable matrix mechanism (according to different models of chocolate) (patente...  Show more
Tags: Chocolate Wrapping Machine | Chocolate Packaging Machine | Food Processing Machine

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Flowpack Horizontal Packaging

  • Flowpack Horizontal Packaging     Trapez Makina wrapping machines are suitable for wrapping different kind of products with low or medium wrapping capacity. This packing...  Show more

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TRCNB 300 Double, Twist, Baton, Napolitano

  • TRCNB 300 Double, Twist, Baton, Napolitano       Wrapping styles: Napolitano, double twist, baton Wrapping materials are aluminum wrapping, PVC, OPP, PP, PET fi...  Show more

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Single Twist Packing

  • Single Twist Packing       1. Packaging materials aluminum packaging, PVC, OPP,  PP, PET films 2 paper mac...  Show more
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Full Automatic Robotic Palletizing System

  • Box, bag, can, bottle palletizing high speed palletizing 25- 50 kg bag palletizing Energy saving Simple and effective operation Turn key ready system for paleltizing operation  Show more
Tags: Palletizing Robot | Robotic Palletizer | Bag Palletizing

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  • vertical packaging machine, packaging machine, sacking and filling machine, volumetric filling machine  Show more
Tags: Packaging Machine | Vertical Packaging Machine

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thermoforming machine

  • EFETHER 4x4 Full Automatic Chain Vacuum Thermoform Packaging Machine (Honey, Jam, Butter) EFETHER 4x4 is a complete packaging line in a flexibility meeting various needs, that carrie...  Show more
Tags: Thermoforming | Jam Butter | Meat Water

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TFP - 26/37 Full Automatic Thermoforming Packaging Machine

  • TFP - 26/37 Full Automatic Thermoforming Packaging Machine TFP 26/37 is a full automatic packaging line which satisfy both today's and future's needs. It is manufacturing by anti-corro...  Show more
Tags: Thermoforming Packaging Machine | Thermoplastic Soft Lamineted Materials | Aluminium Soft Lamineted Materials