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Plastic Cutting Machinery

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Planetary Pipe Saw

  • Planetary saws, equipped with disk and milling cutter for cut and chamfering of PVC pipes (rigid and foam) or other plastic materials; Swift replacement of tools, even with pipe in moveme...  Show more
Tags: Pvc Pipe Cutter | Pvc Saw | Pipe Saw

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TT 405 - Double Mitre Saw

  • For PVC and Aluminum profiles cutting. Solid cast construction for length and angle accuracy. Ultimate cutting quality. Automatic tilt movement of the saw heads to 45° and 90°. Ang...  Show more
Tags: Double Mitre Saw

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Single Head Pvc Cutting Machine for window

  • One Head Pvc Profile Cutting Machine for window and door   • Automatic up-cut mitre saw for PVC profiles. • Cutting range of 25°-0°-25° degrees. &...  Show more
Tags: Pvc Window Machine | Pvc Cutting Machine | Single Head Cutting Machine

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Double Head Pvc Cutting Machine for window

  • AUTOMATIC DOUBLE HEAD PVC CUTTING MACHINE FOR WINDOW & DOOR • Operates with 6 Atü air and 380V voltage. • Suitable for cutting two corners on aluminum and PVC ...  Show more
Tags: Double Head Pvc Cutting | Double Corner Pvc