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wet salted cow head skin

  • Dears, We are big productor of wet salted cow head skins. Our capacity is 5 containers per month. If you interested in these products you can contact us. Our products are very quality : clean, well...  Show more
Tags: Cow Head Skin | Cow Head Leather | Wet Salted Cow Head Skin

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Leather Jackets wholesale for both men and women

  • Hello there, We offer wholesale genuine real leather that are stylish and fashionable at a price that is reasonable.  You can send us an email or you can message us if you have any quest...  Show more
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Cow Skin, Sheep Skin ,Donkey and Buffalo Hides

  • we are the exporters of raw hides and skins in Turkey . We can supply you Cow, Buffalo, Sheep, Goat, Horse, donkey and camel hides in big quantity. We also have our own tannery in here supplying th...  Show more
Tags: Wet Salted Buffalo Hides
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wet blue drop split

  • wet blue drop split , , bellies, side , low grade splits, , wet blue scraps we can supply all kind of requirements *****  Show more
Tags: Wet Blue | Leather Scrap | Wet Blue Drop Split

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Hydraulic Fleshing Machine

  • The Machine flesh the subcutaneous fat and flesh side of skins, It adopts hydraulic press, and hydraulic motor, The roller blade is adjusted by dynamic balance, Owing to the bad working envir...  Show more
Tags: Fleshing | Tannery | Machine

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  • LEATHER FINISHES SECTION BINDERS ACRYLIC EMULSIONS · Impregnation Resins · Micro Emulsions · Thermoplastic and Cross-linking (Reactive) Binders · C...  Show more
Tags: Binders | Pigments | Auxiliaries